Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doggies Love Cool Whip!

Last night I left for about an hour to have dinner at a great Middle Eastern restaurant up the street that I eat at about 20 times a week because it's so dang good. When I got home, Claire was running around in circles acting unusually excited to see me (she's never very excited when I get home, especially if I've only been gone for an hour). I figured it was because she was so happy that my friend, Stacee, just moved into the mother-in-law apartment and she just wanted to thank me for renting it to a girl (Claire really can't stand men) -- she kept running from the living room, through the kitchen, down the back stairs and to Stacee's door, back and forth at warp speed. I was just standing in the kitchen laughing.

Finally, I walked into the living room and saw a giant tub of cool whip torn apart on the floor. It was empty, so there was no sticky mess (thank goodness). Then, I thought to myself, "Where did she get a tub of cool whip? I haven't had cool whip in the house since last Thanksgiving!" So, I screamed at her (as I always do when I find trash on the living room floor -- which doesn't happen very often now that she's almost three years old, and that's 21 in dog years and she should know better by now). She took off down the stairs again and I chased her with the empty container. I met Stacee downstairs and she just looked at me and said, "I'm so sorry! I was cleaning out the freezer and just put a tub of frozen cool whip in the trash and was about to take it to the dumpster, but Claire must have got it!"

So, my dog downed an entire large tub of frozen cool whip -- it must have taken her the entire hour I was gone to lick it clean -- and then she was on an intense sugar high for about an hour, running around like a crazy fool. I was sure she'd vomit, but she never did (lucky for her and me) -- she just collapsed on the floor once the sugar wore off.

My friend, Liz, said that maybe instead of getting upset, I should have asked Claire if she wanted some pumpkin pie to go with it. Which may have cured her since we recently watched HURL! on G4 -- our new favorite game show where five guys eat as much food as they can and then get on spinning carnival rides and whoever doesn't throw up for the longest time wins $1,000 -- and on that episode thay had to eat pumpkin pie and cool whip until they hurled. New episodes are on Sunday nights (if you're in Utah and have Comcast it's Channel 136 or on Dish it's somewhere around Channel 360) -- don't miss it!


Marcie said...

Okay, Will, the most disturbing part of this story is the fact that there is a show called HURL!, that you watch it, and that I have missed it!! thanks for the heads up on what may be a tv masterpiece.

p.s. Give Claire a kiss from me.

Trisa said...

Dogs have no self-control! At least Claire indulged in a food item. Onyx has eaten a whole bag of cotton balls & an entire bag of cough drops. I'm surprised she is still alive.

Krishelle said...

Claire! She must have loved every minute of that! You should give her cool whip more often. It sounds like it was fun to watch.

ELI said...

If I was her I would have spent that hour trying to figure out how to open the fridge so I could have a go at the Diet Coke.

munyer jerk chicken said...

Hmmm... this is sad. Claire reminds me of my boys since they've discovered that it's really not that scary to climb on the counters to reach the highest cabinet possible... the candy stash I try to hide. You're right - we just have to laugh. I sure did reading your post!

So glad you found my blog (and that now I have yours, too!)

Vernon 5 said...

Hi My friend! I do so miss you!!! Poor little Claire...(I am still laughing though!) About that show Hurl.....remember when we were playing make me laugh and you threw up in our sink because you choked on the water? Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! That's what it made me think of ....thank you! Love, Liliana

Ryan & Cynthia Clan said...

Hilarious. Next time this happens bring up to our house and let her run wild in the backyard. Here's our new address:
2864 S 2300 E

Phone numbers for Ry and I are the same. We'll be in touch :)